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V11 Cordless vacuum stop working - Suggestions?

  • 25 September 2023
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my v11 is approx 3 years old and has suddenly stopped working. There is no display on the LCD screen and nothing happens when I press the trigger for 10 seconds. I purchased a new battery (following the suggestion on the Dyson troubleshooting section on the website) but the machine still isn’t working. 

any suggestions ? I’ve already spent £85 on the new battery which seems to have been a waste of money. 

I’ve checked the machine and there are no blockages.



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2 replies

If it isn’t the battery, the trigger component could be to blame. Dyson stick vacs have three main components with electrical elements that when they fail have a detrimental impact on the machine. The handle/trigger unit, the charger or the battery. If you’ve replaced one already, try ruling out the hand/trigger before any further expense. 

If you’ve not yet disposed of the old battery, connect it hand/trigger component when it arrives. If it works, return the new battery, if it does, it shows that both parts where needed! 

I had the same thing happen with my V11.  First symptom was it wouldn’t turn off!  Trigger kept sticking it seemed.  I had to remove filter once to get it to turn off.  Then, after being fully charged, it didn’t work at all….no lights or anything, just like you experienced.  Mine has screw-in battery.  While on a 73 min hold with Dyson Customer Service, I removed the two bottom screws and the third screw located on handle near trigger.  I removed the battery, looked at it, inspected the trigger spring, which seemed intact, and then simply put the three screws back in place.  Lo and behold, it’s working now.  I suspect the trigger was not properly seated for some reason and removing then reinstalling the battery, reset its proper position.  I never did get a live Dyson rep on the phone so I hung up.