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light always turns off when switching mode after wake up mode completed

  • 30 December 2023
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I recently bought a Solarcycle Morph Floor lamp, and have been using the Wake-up mode for a while, I noticed after the 30 mins Wake-up mode is completed when the light reaches its maximum setting (in my case I use default), it stays on the max wake up mode (default) for another 30 mins or so, then it would automatically switch to the previous light mode, for example the mode I used the night before I turned it off,

so during that extra 30 mins window in between, the status on the app shows ‘Manual’, same as during the Wake-up mode in progress, but during that period, if I manually press any other light mode button on the app, such as ‘Synchronized’ or ‘Relax’ to manually switch to another mode, every single time the light just powers off instead of switching over smoothly…

I always have to turn it on again, then everything still works fine after that. I realised it is not a random event due to bluetooth connection since this happens every time when i do that, the location access is also turned on, ‘auto brightness’ is also on, previously i also tried unplugging it for 10 secs (more than once), but this issue still persists, I don’t know if it’s normal and that’s just how it works.

I have not experienced any other noticeable issues other than this since i bought the lamp, i asked the customer support, they told me its normal, but somehow I felt it wasn’t convincing enough, they sounded more like they were just saying what i wanted to hear and just trying to move on without providing any in-depth troubleshootings or to explain what was the cause or why it works this way if that’s really normal, and I’m not seeking to replace the device before i can ensure this is really caused by a faulty device and no troubleshooting at home can fix. So if anyone here also experienced this problem please shed some light. Much appreciated. 

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