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Detecting Antibacterial Spray - Data Missing

  • 21 September 2023
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I am happy with my Dyson HEPA Purifier TP09 Formaldehyde Purifying Fan however, when testing it using Dettol Antibacterial Cleaning Spray, it doesn’t seem to detect anything.

Surely it should detect antibacterial spray as it has nasties in it and I thought would affect the air quality?

The purifier detects other sprays such as dry shampoo spray, just surprised it didn’t detect the antibacterial cleaning spray.

Would be grateful for any advice.

Thank you,




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4 replies

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A tough question. Considering the purifier is designed to detect common household pollutants. including VOCs from cleaning products, amongst others (list here), I suspect the formula or ingredients of the antibacterial spray either don’t have the chemical composition detectable as a ‘pollutant’ or they were detected but not considered at a high enough level for the purifier to react. 

I suggest viewing the In-App pollutant graph, tracking back to the time the spray was used and checking for an increase in any of the recorded pollutants. If you’re using Auto mode, it will only increase the fan speed if the pollutant level going out of the Green. It won’t auto adjust in any other mode. Here an article to help:

How do I understand the pollutant levels and colours on the graph?

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Thanks David for the reply.

I think I will do another test over the weekend and look at the in-app graph.


Hi @andyc 
If your Dyson TP09 Purifier detects other sprays in the air near it, etc. - it sounds like it’s working fine.

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Thanks Adam, just wondered why it didn’t detect the antibacterial spray?