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Dyson V15 Replacement for warranty - no replacement since 1 month

  • 14 November 2023
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We sent back our Dyson V15 for replacement and received the confirmation that Dyson received it on Oct 24th. Since then I am on the phone with the support to check when we get the replacement couple times per week.

The support just tells me every time that we get an email within 24-48 hours with the tracking number of the replacement. The chat functionality is not working and at the support hotline, the average wait time is 45 minutes.

How can I get a hold of anyone who can tell me when the replacement of the dyson will be sent to us?


Please do not post that I should look at the support page. Chat is not working, call center gives unvalid answers, responses per email are just that the support takes care of it … etc. !


Thx for any help of someone who finally got a hold of someone or got his replacement :)

4 replies

Exactly the same experience here.   I will definitely report to BBB but I really need that hairdryer!   I have beenpromised a supervisor callback.  I have been told I would receive shipping details by a specific date.  I have been told that 24-48 hour BS over and over.   I am at my wits end.   Not sure what to do next.


@mssgr2  I reported yesterday at BBB. I cannot get any response from dyson or if I get an answer, it is just a promise etc. … am dealing with it now 2 months - its getting ridiculous. I did not see any other option, than to report to BBB.
This is sad, as the dyson support was one of the best in the past - not sure why it got so bad.

Did you receive your replacement? I have been waiting for over a month as well. Wondering if I should report to the BBB as I see so many others have.

I did not receive the replacement yet - talked to a supervisor 3 times, who again promised that we get the replacement within 5 business days. but nothing … no replacement.

I will wait another week, then I will file at BBB.