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Lack of suction

  • 5 February 2024
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I have a year old  V15 Absolute. It was functioning fine until we had a new carpet laid in our lounge. 

It literally choked on the fluff created from a new carpet. So I dissembled it ,clearing the main tube in particular. The issue was blockage of the small exit venturi into the collection cylinder. Or so I thought! Clearly it was not capable of doing the job, so I brought out of retirement our heavy old DC04 which dealt with the situation until such time as most of the new carpet fluff was cleared. We bought the new V15 because being in our eighties we found the DC04 increasingly tiring to use.

The V15 still can’t handle the new carpet and I find collected dust and grit lodges in the pick up head and doesn’t find its way into the collection cylinder. I have tried the home maintenance options given in the online guide but to no effect. I also keep getting asked to wash the top filter every time I use it which of course I do and ensure it is totally dry before reuse but this clean filter message comes up again shortly after use.

So it appears something is choking the suction but I can’t find it?

Having paid over £600 for the device it’s outrageous that we should have this issue! Also one should not have to resort to a user group to seek answers. It is an abdication by Dyson of responsibility for the product.

1 reply

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@Owens Thanks for your post. I suspect the issue may be the carpeting type / density here.


With higher-pile carpet -  essentially what happens, the cleanerhead can end up creating an air-tight seal with the flooring and seizing up the brush bar/suction.
For these areas, you can try using the hand or non-motorized tools on those rugs/carpets. And also try the lowest suction mode here. 


Here’s, also, another article that discusses ways to mitigate this issue with V15: