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Hi everyone! 

My name is Stuart and I am the Community Manager at Dyson.

What a great position to be in, I have the opportunity to welcome everyone onto the site, share key topics from across our category range to help support you all and connect through our shared passion of Dyson!

It’s been a pleasure to help create this space for all Dyson owners, users and enthusiasts, somewhere you can connect, collaborate and share knowledge with each other. I look forward to seeing it grow even more. 

It would be great if we used this thread to introduce ourselves - Share which Dyson you have, and maybe what the Community has done for you to date or what you’d like to see out of it in the future. 

If you’d prefer, update your profile with some background information and even a profile picture - It helps us all to seem a little more human. 

Feel free to add any other information, where you have your machine, a picture of it, or even a picture of your furry friend next to it!!

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Hi @RyanMcCart,

Welcome to the Dyson Community! We’re glad to have you with us, and we’ll look forwards to your contributions here 😀 


Hi there,

I’m from the North-east coast of the UK.  After having been given 2 second-hand Dysons, I’ve taken the plunge and bought a Dyson gen5 detect absolute. Absolutely love it - it’s so easy to use and powerful as well.  Husband has usually hated every vacuum cleaner we’ve had but he’s loving this one. 

Hey there, I’m Tom and I have a few Dyson devices: the airwrap, a v15 detect, the air purifier and humidifier.


I’m struggling a bit with the community.

on 15 Dec 2023 I posted a message to ask a technical question about the v15. I was told that the message was placed in a moderation queue, but then it never appeared on the forum.

A few days ago I posted an “intro” message in this forum section, and now I’ve checked again and that post has been removed.

I’m not sure what’s going on. Has a moderator removed my intro post because it was the wrong section? Please reach out to me via DM. I just want to ask a technical question about the vacuum please.

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Hi everyone! HUGE Dyson fan here! I own/have registered a Ball Animal 3 Extra Vacuum, Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete Long, Supersonic Hair Dryer, V15 Detect, V6 Motorhead, and a DC65 Multi-Floor Vacuum. I love my Dyson products. Looking to purchase the Airstrait and a couple of air purifiers pretty soon. I am the proud owner of 3 cats (pictured above) Two of which have extremely long hair & they all shed pretty bad. So happy my Dyson vacuums can stand up to all the pet hair. Nice to meet everyone, Stephanie

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Hi @Stormydaze22,

Welcome to the Dyson Community - great to have you with us! Sounds like you have extensive experience with a wide range of Dyson technologies, and it’s so good to hear you’re so pleased with the machines you own. I can definitely identify with the cat hair issue, too!

We’ll look forward to your contributions here 😀


Hi Stuart,

My name is Jasmin and I am thrilled to be here. Looking forward to explore and learn more about Dyson Products. I have had several and found them to be efficient and also elegant in design. I am trying to live a sustainable lifestyle and maximize my tools and technology so I can spend extra time on enjoying life :-)

Hello All,


I’ve owned a Dyson vacuum for over 23 years.

I purchased my first in 2000 a Dyson DC05 in green and purple it was my pride a joy then because I could upgrade a DC08. I have to say this has been my favourite of the barrels and I’ve since brought another second hand and I’ve refurbished it. I do have a DC 54 but it’s not like the DC08’s.

i also have had several hand helds a DC 16 and DC 31 with a motor head tool.  Then a DC 44 stick. Eventually I got a v6 animal with is still going and great. However I wanted to upgrade and look forward to my gen 5 arrival this week with anticipated breath. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

My husband asks how many Dysons does a person need. Well I enjoy them and as I vacuum everyday as I have dogs and cats they are well used. 


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Hi @Becc,

Welcome to the Dyson Community - we’re happy to have you here 😀

That’s definitely quite the collection you have! I’m sure your new Dyson Gen5detect™ vacuum won’t disappoint.

Don’t forget we’re here to help if you need any advice on getting started!

Just joined i am so happy i can be here

Hi! I am a hairdresser in Romania, I bought a Dyson professional hair dryer, I like it very much only that after 5 months it arrived for repair and they kept it for 3 weeks, then after another 5 months it arrived for repair again and it stops very often , I clean it after every day of work, I take care of it like a glass globe, and I asked for my hair dryer to be replaced and they told me that I didn't use it properly and it was my fault that it broke and as I also have to pay for its repair, the filter 60€ and its cleaning 25€! my pheon is under warranty! they told me to let them know in 3 days if i want to pay for the repair or they send it home defective! I am very angry because they treated me as a customer and that the hair goes bad fast!


My name’s Saad. I’m a stockist and reseller of Dyson products in Pakistan. I love Dyson products, their impeccable design and tech tops all.

Each one of my customer who purchased Dyson products absolutely loves them. It’s great creating awareness in the local market here through means of social media marketing and otherwise.

Having spent a good 10 years in the Middle East, I aim to make Dyson products accessible to the Pakistan population.


Here’s a photo of my cat enjoying life in Karachi after moving with me from the Dubai.