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Meet the Community | Introduce yourself

  • 3 October 2022
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Hi everyone! 

My name is Stuart and I am the Community Manager at Dyson.

What a great position to be in, I have the opportunity to welcome everyone onto the site, share key topics from across our category range to help support you all and connect through our shared passion of Dyson!

It’s been a pleasure to help create this space for all Dyson owners, users and enthusiasts, somewhere you can connect, collaborate and share knowledge with each other. I look forward to seeing it grow even more. 

It would be great if we used this thread to introduce ourselves - Share which Dyson you have, and maybe what the Community has done for you to date or what you’d like to see out of it in the future. 

If you’d prefer, update your profile with some background information and even a profile picture - It helps us all to seem a little more human. 

Feel free to add any other information, where you have your machine, a picture of it, or even a picture of your furry friend next to it!!

14 replies

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Here is my boy Walter, proudly defending his toy reindeer from the Dyson Robot - He isn’t a fan of vacuum cleaners and this was the closest I could have got him. 

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Hi @Stuart, Everyone. I’m Kirby. 

I joined the Community back in March 2022 - I’ve enjoyed watching evolve over the past 6+ months. I signed up for support with my Purifier, have ASKED a number or questions and I've looked to answer some where I can. I check in once a week, sometime more, to see what’s new. 

It’s been great to see the expansion into the other areas Dyson sell/manufacture. I’m specifically interested in learning more about the Zone and looking forward to it launching in the United Kingdom.

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Hi @Stuart, everyone. I am Charlie.

It has been a while since I visited the Community, It looks to have changed leaps and bounds in the last few months. A really positive that wider Dyson have accepted it after the initial concept last year. 

I like knowing as much as I can about the Dysons I own. Robot, V11 and Dyson heater. I’ve enjoyed speaking to people with similar interests, pointing them towards answers and hope to continue doing so.

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Hi 👋 

Emma here! Proud owner of a Purifier Heater and a Humidifier. Very excited for the Zone. I must have registered my interest as soon as the announcement was made. 

Our very spoilt Cat is called Tabitha and is certainly enjoying the colder weather in the UK. As of an evening time she sits in front of the Dyson heater, curling into a little fluff ball. This time of the year she uses it more than we do. 

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Hi everyone, I am Kelly, one of the Dyson Community moderators. I reside in the US, and love being a part of this fantastic community - I enjoy seeing the growth, and interaction amongst our owners. I am a very proud owner of a V8 Absolute, Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy, a DP01, TP02, and HP02 (the V8 is my favorite)!  Sharing my furry buddy, Kristoff.


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Hi Y’all, I’m Lemon! 

I grew up in Kentucky, US. Moving to London when I was 14.  

I have the Dyson Airwrap and have to say that I am honestly loving it! The links Dyson Airwrap™️ multi-styler - Achieving your style | Dyson Community here are fantastic. All my styling in one helpful place! Thumbs up Dyson! 

No picture of a furry friend to share, but love seeing the furry dog and bunny. They are gorgeous!

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My family live in Bologna, in the north east of Italy. Very lovely. We have mainly Dyson hair care products.

I use the Supersonic most mornings. I have enjoyed helping other on the Community with questions. 

A Italian speaking section would be welcome. 


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Hello everyone! 

I’m Sally, a salon owner and hair dresser from the north of England. 

I have three chairs, all rented to a lovely group of people and we’ve each got a professional Supersonic. We love talking to our clients about the ease of using them and trying new styles, which are always super quick.

I’d really love to share tips with other Supersonic owners and I see you’ve already got a styling section - Getting started with Styling.


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Hi everyone, nice to meet you all :) I’m Sophie! I love everything to do with hair care and hair styling and have two Dyson machines myself. Hoping that I can get some wonderful tips and tricks from you lot, as well as sharing anything I learn on the way! This is my pooch...she has better hair than me and she is NOT a fan of our Dyson vacuum. 


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OMG @Smiley9501 she is beautiful! I can already see you blow drying and curling those locks of hers!


Morning all. Glad to have joined - an avid Dyson fan … and it’s our Dyson fan that leads me here! 😂

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Hi everyone! Happy to have joined this community 😊

Hi there folks!

Proud (eh?) owner of a V15 absolute detect etc. 

Simply the best Dyson I’ve owned!


See yer later!