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Strange Called ID appearing on call back

  • 3 December 2022
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Hi All,

I noticed yesterday when I contacted support and booked a callback as they were busy that the callback appeared on my phone from “GB Competitions” rather than from Dyson. I was a tad worried that I was going to be spending £319 for a new vacuum cleaner and the call wasn’t from Dyson. Didn’t inspire me with confidence. Has anyone else noticed this?


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7 replies


How very strange. I didn’t even know the offered a call back service. Did they state they were from Dyson when you answered?

If you’ve not saved their number by accident or added it to an existing contact, and it was their telephone number, it could be that your mobile carrier misidentified it.

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At that price?! Cordless or a hair drier? 
Did you call them back, placing an order?


Hi, I’d phoned Dyson about a problem with my V8 and was told it was out of guarantee so either I buy a new battery at £70 or a new V10 at a discount. I said that I would ask the Boss and the agent greed to phone me back at 4pm which he duly did from the same number. It just seemed weird that the phone said that the call was from GB Competitions. I’ve since had an email from Dyson saying the new V10 would be delivered on Monday. I’ll wait and see.

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Hi @Gandalf

This is very strange. It may be like @samwise said, that the carrier has misidentified the number, but I’d still like to follow this up with the local team.

Could you please provide me with the number which called you back?



GB Competitions called me on 0800 298 0298.

The V10 is being delivered today, I’ve had confirmation from Parcel Force. It would seem OK but it nearly put me of completing the purchase.

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Hey @Gandalf 

Thanks for providing the telephone number.

I can happily confirm this is the Dyson telephone number GB&I contact centre. However, these isn’t a clear indication as to why it was identified as ‘GB Competitions’ on your device. I’ve nonetheless fed this back to our local team, in case they have others calling with the same query.

Thanks for highlighting this and I hope you enjoy your new machine 😀


No problem, thanks for your time. The machine arrived as promised.