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Software updating this morning, changelog ? - RB03PR.

  • 13 March 2024
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This morning I received the following firmware update on my 360 vis nav : RB03PR.


Is there any changelog / list of improvements for that new firmware ? :)


Maybe @Jack can help ?


Thanks !


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5 replies

Improvements to the robot finding its way back to the dock would be great!  It’s been a bit of a hit and miss for me. 


Noticed this on mine this morning. Predicts how dirty a room is going to be. 

Keen to find out if there are any other changes. 


The dust prediction feature seems not to be part of the robots software update. My robot is still on the old software version and i can also see the dust prediction for my rooms.


My phone notified me this morning about an update but when i open the my dyson app the update is gone.

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Hi @FrenchBaguette, @shan and @Morcman 

Great timing - I’ve just shared the release notes for this update. You can find these here:


Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot @Jack !