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Ordered a replacment head but broke in less than 2 years and no help

  • 8 June 2023
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Im so dissapointed by the lack of support which Dyson is known for! I ordered a replacement turbine head for my dyson big ball aiminal vaccumm less than 2 years ago and again it has broke. I have a second cordless vaccumm for my kids daily spills and accidents so I only use the big ball once per week for thorough cleaning, yet the part has failed me twice now. I rang up and they told me the part is out of stock and suggested I just go to try frind it from a 3rd party. Ive been buying dyson for many years now but feel its no longer a quality product and the service is poor. Im now left with the decision to possbile just give up continuing using dyson altogether instead of buying replacements for it every 1-2 years 


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Hi @KatherineP 

Thank you for raising this with us.

Where our owners have been unsuccessful in ordering a part either through our website or over the phone, we encourage them to completely the ‘Notify Me’ option. This is done by visiting our online store.  

This ‘Notify Me’ option allows the user to supply their email, without the need to log into the online service, and receive notifications on when a spare, accessory or product is back in stock. If you haven’t already done this, I would urge you to do so. 


General wear and tear can take it’s toll, however it would be good to rule out any blockages or further problems with the machine. I suggest watching the below video on the best places to check when performing maintenance: 


If you’re still stuck, why not visit our How to: Order spare parts and accessories