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How to: Order spare parts and accessories

  • 23 November 2022
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How to: Order spare parts and accessories
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Your Dyson machine is designed to give you many years of excellent performance.

Time to time you may need to order a spare part or an accessory, either new or as a replacement.

To shop genuine spare parts or accessories, please navigate to our online store. Once here, select a machine from the on-screen options and continue through the journey to view all associated parts.

To view if a spare or accessory is compatible with a machine, visit the ‘Accessory store’. Selecting either the Cordless, Corded or Hair care accessories. On the accessory page, a full list of compatible machines is listed.

If you require a manual for your machine, one can be downloaded through our Guides and manuals link.

2 replies

I have purchased FOUR Outsize+ cordless machines, for myself and as gifts for friends.  I need to purchase spare parts and accessories, especially a Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head, but almost every part including this one is ALWAYS out of stock.  ALWAYS.  I add my email to be notified when a part is back in stock, and NEVER get an email from you.  NEVER.  I think you make an amazing product but I can’t see buying anything from Dyson again if I can’t get spare parts and accessories.

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Hello @AlanL9

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us here. 

We're sorry you've had difficulty trying to order a replacement part.

Like many technology industry retailers, a shortage of resources and materials, manufacturing control orders and inflation have impacted our business and production on a global scale. We’re proactively looking into alternative solutions as the situation evolves, but in the shorter term this means that some spare parts may be available in limited quantities. It's best to sign up on our website to be notified when stock is available.


At times when stock is not available, we are always happy to check into other options to resolve an issue as well. If you haven’t already done so, please get in touch via our WhatsApp channel and one of our team will be happy to discuss the next steps. To do this, simply click on our Guides and manuals link, navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page and select ‘Start a WhatsApp conversation’.