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Headphones - Is the App AQ metrics broken?

  • 28 June 2023
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Went for a walk in Chicago. The smoke has made the air quality some of the worst in the world. Yet the app has the air quality as 0.4. The same it is inside, the same it is all of the time. What gives? Are other people noticing this? I wonder if my device is faulty in some way.



3 replies

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lol almost every time i see an iphone screenshot, the battery is almost dead. y’all ifruit’ers know how to maximize the battery life on the ifruit. :P

how long have you had the headset? do you have the absolute+ package? im sure they are both the same headphone for each model, but maybe worth adding that data point.

what mode do you mostly use it on? do you keep it on auto or do you change the filter setting manually? for me here in LA i use auto most of the time. There has not been any wildfires or any crazy air pollution yet. ive seen the metrics adjust from use to use. i admit i dont pay particular attention to the screen because i keep the phone in my bag.

i have an ifruit (iphone) and android and based on my recollection, i do see the numbers adjust in real time per usual on both phones (Galaxy Z Fold4 unlocked and Ifruit 14 pro max 1tb unlocked)

have you tried to test the system by purposely going near car exhaust or cigar smoke, etc?

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Hey @ztaalman

Great question - thanks for posting it here 😁!

I felt it was only right that I looked to provide some context to the data you’re seeing in the MyDyson™ app.

Just to reassure you, the electrostatic filters in your headphones' earcups will capture particles as small as 0.1 microns, such as pollen, dust and bacteria. The carbon filter captures city pollution gases including NO2 and SO2.

The ‘Around me’ data comes from the onboard sensors within your Dyson Zone™ headphones, and relates specifically to NO2 levels around you - not those of the other particulates.

The additional details on outdoor air quality in your area - including PM10, PM2.5 and pollen levels are visible at the top of the screen - accessed by swiping down on the MyDyson™ app home screen. This data is reported on once the home location has been set, and takes a recording from the local Air Quality Index. You can read more on this by visiting our community article here - Viewing the headphones air quality graphs | Dyson Community

I hope this helps. 


The Filter filtrates those ‘particles’ but the app doesn’t report / record this. Sounds like an oversight on their part. Any chance this is resolved with a software update or is it dependent on hardware?