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Was totally in the "Zone" today...

  • 19 June 2023
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Just a quick shout out to All Zone users and those on the sidelines thinking about getting a pair.

I’m a cinematographer and many times I am out in some gnarly locations (“whatever it takes to get the shot!”) but most always when out in the elements where you can’t control the air (ie, in an air conditioned location) there are at least some smells you encounter.

Today I was out in Hollywood 17 stories up on a roof of a building for a shoot.  Because we are outside, there are areas one can smoke, etc., but with the way the winds blow, you can go from upwind to downwind in a blast of cigar smoke in a matter of a second or thrice. This was a good use for my Dyson Zone cans. They did not disappoint. I really really likes these and yes the air still smellllllssssss freessshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 🤓


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4 replies

Looking good @ernables! Do you write a blog or official reviews? If not, you should! Genuine input/feedback sells above 1000s in marketing.

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@Kibbleb , you are kind to say. naah im just a regular everyday cat who likes tech. I also agree with you that personal use from a non influencer speaks volumes over any influencer whose job it is to pander to an audience. This is why I make these efforts to post up here so those who may be thinking about them can get an idea of real people who use them. 

@ernables Nice badge! Congratulations. 


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You’re a kind chap @CharlieBoy1 🕺🎇