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Dyson Pure hot+cool is no longer stopping when reaching set heating temperature - Any Suggestions?

  • 20 September 2023
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I see others may have had this same issue, but I just couldn’t find the response I was looking for. The closest to an answer I’ve read is that it is faulty and to to contact Dyson. Perhaps that’s the answer, let me know. Here’s the issue.

For a while, setting the fan unit to heat and setting the required temp (for example, 17) the unit would show the set temp with a red dot next to it to indicate it is in heating mode and blew hot air until the desired temp is reached. It would then go into a light cool air (purifying?) and the red dot disappeared. She. The temp had dropped too low, the unit would automatically pick back up, red dot appears and the heater would start to blow hot air again. 

No longer. 

Now, the heater will REMAIN in hot blow with the red dot illuminated and just not stop even when the desired temp is surpassed. External room thermometer is showing 26° but the unit is only set to 17. And it’s still pumping out hot air. We use it in the kids room when we are away and I’m constantly having to go in and manually turn it in and off to keep the room a manageable temp. I’m exhausted. Is there something I’ve done to make this happen?!?! I need sleep!!


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Very odd and not the usual behaviour. Any idea if a recent software update was interrupted or if it had been knocked over? This might explain the difference in behaviour.

Before you spend time contacting Dyson, I have two recommendations.

  1. To remove the possibility of a software issue, try reverting the heater back to factory settings. This along should resolve a software misalignment or fault. Steps to perform this are on the community post - Reverting your air treatment machine back to it's factory settings
  2. If the onboard sensor is blocked, it has trouble detecting pollutants. This maybe the same for temperate settings. The last recommendation is to clean the heater using the steps here - Keeping your purifier performing at its best. Reverting the unit to factory settings should reset the sensor nodes. 

Failing this fixing the problem, Dyson would have to arrange an inspection of the onboard sensors and thermostat readings.


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I have the same problem with my HP07. Set it to 18 and even though it’s showing 18 it’s still blowing hot air.