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Feedback on ordering a purifier filter

  • 6 March 2024
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I’ve been trying to order a new filter for my air purifier. The web site is broken in various ways. The only way there seems to be a way to have a voice is to come here and jump through hoops to set up and post here.

Why can’t they just see I’ve got an email registered and have bought a device. Then filter on those emails. Giving regular customers a chance to email directly rather than only the oh so much more important “business customers” who get a direct email.

Use the phone some say. I don’t use phones. Phobic, disabled, don’t have one, whatever my reasons.

No easily found snail mail address for me to complain formally. Though at the cost of a stamp these days who’d bother.

So finally I managed to a filter. Hopefully it’s the correct one. Just one of the things on the site is how confusing it is to order the correct filter. Seems the last one I ordered was not the correct model but still fit even if the “replace filter” indication on the little screen didn’t recognise it. 

Sadly Dyson aren’t even the worst. But this probably marks the end of my buying from them when the air purifier dies and I don’t need filters any more.

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4 replies

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Hi @James the angry,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

I’m sorry if you were unhappy with your experience of ordering a replacement filter for your Dyson purifier, but I’m glad you’ve now been able to complete your purchase. We don’t offer email as a contact channel, but in addition to our Community here, we also offer Live Chat on, support via Instagram and Facebook - as well as our freephone UK Helpline on 0800 298 0298. If you wanted to write to us, you can find our company address here. Our experts are always on hand to help when needed!

I’ll be happy to pass your comments along for you to the right teams, but you’re welcome to come back to us here if you need any further advice for your Dyson purifier.

Phone - I don’t use unless it’s desperate for various reasons. Some people can’t use phones.

Live Chat - If that’s the Dyson Digital Assistant it’s useless. So narrow and channelling. Plus not time efficient for me. Compared to email, as I’ll cover later.

I don’t use Twitter, Facebook, or any proprietary spy system that requires me to sign up and use their facilities. e-mail is an open standard. Asynchronous so I don’t have to sit around and be continually waiting or interrupted.

e-mail, an international open standard. Where I can send a message. Check at a convenient time for me to if the matter has been responded to. Where I can take the time to amply write a detailed explanation. Where I have a record of what has been covered. So much better than any of the alternatives.

Had I been able to use email for my feedback I’d have taken the time to detail each of the issues I encountered with using the overly glitzy, unnecessarily animated web site that barely runs on my older desktop machine. Such as when I clicked the button in the stock alert email and it took me to the filter I wanted but said on the site “this item is currently unavailable” but through other clicking around I found I could order it.


Why am I back here to respond. Well irony or irony I got an email letting me know you had responded and I was taking a break to check my email. How wonderfully and efficiently such a system can work.

In comparison I’ve used two small companies in the last month. Both had email. Both responded usefully within 24 hours. Both will get my repeat business. Perhaps if they become big enough they’ll stop caring about individuals too.

I’ll add that if a whole community site like this is required then the Dyson main site is clearly failing to provide the information to the customer.

GOV.UK developers have a guideline where they do not for example have FAQs. Reason being if the information is not on the site and easily found having it in an FAQ would represent a failure. So they quickly amend the site. (Of course that was old GOV.UK and Conservative butchery has probably eviscerated it by now.)

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Hi @James the angry,

Thanks again for your feedback - as mentioned, I’ll be happy to pass along your comments around your preference for using email for support conversations.