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latest software version for TP09

  • 26 February 2024
  • 8 replies

I have two TP09's and they show 2 different software versions. Software update is turned on and I did the power off and unplugged for 10 minutes and they both still show 2 different versions. Does that sound right?

8 replies

The software updates are send to the machines in batches. Not every machine will get the software update at the same time. Just be patient, mine is also still waiting for the update. :)

Wonder how long that takes. Almost had them a year!

So you are saying your machines have had different software versions for more than a year? This should not be the case. I Thought you were referring to the just newly released software update.

Exactly. And when I asked Dyson what the latest version was so I could determine which one was running the most current version they were unable to tell me. Very frustrating considering the amount of money I put in dysons pocket. Seems like the age if crappy customer service is here to stay.

Mine is on version ECG2PF. but as I’ve seen here there is already a newer version.


Did you try the unplug wait 10 seconds and plug the machine back in recommendation?

Yes, I tried the unplug and wait 10 minutes. Here's mine.


Ok, the version below is the same as mine and this is an older version (ECG2PF., which was replaced with the upper version (ECG2PF. But this was just a few weeks ago. As already said a few posts earlier, they release updates in batches. We have to wait ia bit longer, but we will also receive this version eventually.

Thanks for your assessment. You would have thought the dyson support team could of told me that but they couldn't answer my question as to which version was the latest version.