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PH04 Smell & Baby - Any recommendations?


The PH04 is in our baby’s room, hints the neurosis about it.

We put the machine in baby’s room because of the new furniture etc., and since, the room always smells a little like sweet plastic. I thought it was a mix of new baby stuff and diapers (gross), but the other day I sniffed the air purifier, and it’s the air coming out that smells! Once I took the purifier out, smell gone. 

I took the machine to the local Dyson store and they said it’s likely from the plastics in the machine and smells that are tightly trapped in there from manufacturing overseas. Thoughts on this? 

The machine’s filter was replaced last month, so that’s not the issue. Is this a health concern? I want to make sure the air baby is getting is legitimately clean. 


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Hi @Choran,

Thank you for raising this with us. 

In almost all cases, when you notice the smell of plastic coming from your air purifier, it's because there is plastic inside the unit. While a piece of plastic may have somehow found its way inside the machine, it's much more likely that there is plastic covering your filters. 

I think you might find the information in the article quite helpful as it explains Off gassing. This source can sometimes be picked up as an odour, and even though the odour may dissipate over time, the source can continue to omit the fumes.


To read more about how our Purifiers sense, report particles and gasses, in real time, and purify the home, click on our Indoor air pollution link.


This isn’t really helpful in this situation. I have opened the machine multiple times and I would have noticed if there was plastic.

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This isn’t really helpful in this situation. I have opened the machine multiple times and I would have noticed if there was plastic.


The smell is harmless. Dyson use high grade plastics and resin in their manufacturing, which is hardened and cured before construction. This is highly regulated and should be no product exposure. Like other industries, if any toxins are detected in product quality, these products are returned to the assembly line or disposed of. 

I suspect the smell is the result of packaging or simply an odour produces by something else in the environment which is expelled by the purified. The most likely cause is it is reacting with the filtration unit. 

I’d recommend placing it elsewhere in the house, cranking it to full and checking if the smell is still there after 24-48 hours. If it is, contact Dyson and ask that they inspect the unit. 




Did you ever find a solution? I am having the same issue with my air purifier filters also in my baby’s room! They have a sweet yeast-like smell straight out of the box and NEVER go away! What is making this smell and is it safe to breathe? There is no plastic on the filter. 


Have the filters changed? The ones we bought 2+ years ago never had this problem.