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Filter Stock - Australia

  • 7 January 2023
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I’ve been trying to get a replacement filter for almost 18 months and they seem to be redundant now. I’m in Australia, and I don’t want to buy an imitation/inferior filter.


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4 replies

@SamanthaChanel The Aussie web has stock of their Glass HEPA and Active Carbon filters (Replacement Air Purifier Filters | Dyson Australia).

They don’t advertise it, but this one should work as a replacement in some of their older purifiers. This is mentioned in the Resetting the air treatment machine's filter(s) post. 


Combined HEPA and Activated Carbon filter

Earlier version of the Generation 2 Purifiers, HP04, TP04 and DP04 we supplied with a duel HEPA and Inner Carbon Filter. Where a Combined HEPA and Activated Carbon filter has been sourced as a direct replacement on these models, both filter will need to be manually reset. 

If it’s a filter for one of the earlier purifiers, have you tried using their ‘Notify Me’ feature? 

Once the stock is back, they’ll ping you an email letting you know it’s there to place an order! I actually used this for a tool back in the summer, it worked great!

Thank you SO much @Spencer! I’ll give that in stock filter a try :)

I’ve requested the ‘notify me’ a few times in the past year and haven’t had any notifications - which is why I thought maybe these particular filters have been discontinued.

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it! Hope you have a lovely day.

Happy I could help @SamanthaChanel 😃!