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Dyson Cordless V15 clean filter message - Suggestions?

  • 1 August 2023
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I have my V15 about a month.  I used it on some really dirty mats one day and decided to clean the filter.

now every time I use it the clean filter message comes up.

I don’t know what to do.  I’m really worried that the filter wasn’t completely dry when I put it back on.


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Hi @Lourda

How frustrating - left over water/moisture in the filter could be the culprit here.

I’d suggest rewashing the filter, leaving it to dry for 24 - 48 hours before reattaching it. Visit our How to: Maintain/Wash your cordless vacuum's filter(s) article if you get stuck. 

If the issue is still there after this time, you might need a replacement part - check our website’s diagnostic route for their recommendations. Simply use our Visit Dyson.com link, navigate to the ‘Support’ tab and select your machine from the on-screen listing. Continue through and select ‘Troubleshooting’. 



@Stuart 😍! You’re always the knight in shining armour aren’t you!

I thought I'd make myself useful - @Lourda give this video a watch if your stuck! It on the Dyson YouTube channel! 



Thanks.  It worked fine for me yesterday and today so fingers crossed!

1 year old V15 worked very well. However, lately I started getting the message, the filter is blocked, clean filter within 10 mins after replacing a washed and dried filter. This kept happening so I called the customer service today and they said it must be problem with the main body and they said they will send a replacement. Unfortunately it. is out of stock so it may take unto 3 weeks.

I have seen this problem with many customers and I feel there is some problem with the V15 model itself.

While it worked it was brilliant however I would not recommend this product. Very disappointed with Dyson.