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Suggestion on shortcut improvement

  • 26 July 2023
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It will be great if we could adjust the oscillation direction in the shortcut for fan as well, in order to fit needs under different scenes. 

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2 replies

Great idea. @Stuart mentioned he meets with the development team regularly, maybe they can feed this back. 

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Hi @lukechen

Great to see our owners creating topics about new features and functionalities - thanks for sharing your insight and what you’d like to see next from development. 

While I can’t really offer a comment on our future developments and technology integration plans, I attend regularly reviews and prioritisation discussion ahead of each development phase. With each of these sessions, the team do aim to fulfil some of the requests that are made.

I’ll make sure I raise this as a talking point in the next meeting - development timelines can be anywhere from a few months through to years, depending on other priorities and business requirements, so I won’t be able to share a definitive yes or no, or even when this might be coming. It is likely the team already have this in their pipeline, so it might be here sooner rather than later.

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