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Dyson’s checklist for a cool home

  • 13 July 2022
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Dyson’s checklist for a cool home
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With our seasonal temperatures set to soar, there is no better time then now to share our top tips for staying cool in the heat. In fact, in a recent Dyson Newsroom post, our Head of Environmental Care shared their own tips on this.

These should help you cool the home, while staying cool yourself. 


Close curtains and shutters 

Keep the windows, curtains or shutters closed during the day to minimize the amount of sunlight entering the home. Night-time is when summer temperatures tend to dip, so make a habit of opening windows at night to allow cooler air to enter. Then be sure to close them in the morning before temperatures rise and open them again in the evening as the temperatures gradually drop.

Beat heat with cooling airflow

With temperatures soaring, staying cool can be a real challenge on hot summer nights. Dyson purifying fans use Air Multiplier™️ technology with 350-degree oscillation, projecting up to 290 litres of air per second, to cool you.

Reduce heat sources at home

Opt for energy efficient lights and get into the habit of turning off and unplugging all electronic devices that are not being used. Cooking in a pan or oven can also increase indoor temperatures, so opt for a lighter meal or one that can be cooked outside such as a barbecue.

Regulate your body temperature naturally 

Choose lightweight, breathable clothing and bed sheets such as linen or cotton and avoid man-made materials such as polyester. These natural fibers will absorb the moisture as you sweat, helping to cool your body naturally – while polyesters are water resistant and do not wick sweat in the same way. Surprisingly, consider taking a warm shower rather than an ice cold one. When the body is subjected to extreme cold, it tries to regulate its core temperature by controlling blood flow to the skin.


To read the full article, click on our ‘checklist for a cool home this summer’ link.

If you’d like to share your own tips on staying cool and beating the heat, feel free to add these below. Any other tips you’d like to share, please post them in our ‘Tips and tricks’ section on the Community homepage.

3 replies

Great read. 

It doesn’t seem that you’ve considered everything. Its missing some crucial advise my English grandmother told me. 

“Wrapping an ice pack in a damp towel is just as good as a water bottle on a cold night” 

I really does help on those nights when it’s close to 90 Fahrenheit… 

Having the Dyson on full blast helps too. 

@Kibbleb This must be a generational remedy for heat. My Grandmother and mother use this still today. 

I adapted it ever so slightly for the dyson. I fill a 1 litre plastic bottle, freeze it and stand it upright on a tray covered with a damp cloth. Positioning it in front of the fan.

The breeze is cooled from the iced bottle and it helps to reduce the temperature somewhat.

I tried it without the tray but the condensation made the surface wet. Not great around electrics.

Hopefully this helps others beat the heat :) 


Our Dyson Cool Fan came out of storage last week. It reached 42 degrees in our little studio apartment.

Used the iced bottle trick, worked great. Positioning it next to an open window, catching the nighttime breeze, worked even better. 

10/10 would recommend!