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Dyson Zone™ Apple Watch controls

  • 19 October 2023
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Dyson Zone™ headphones Apple Watch 

The 6.2.23380 update to the MyDyson™ app brings you the ability to control and interact with your Dyson Zone™ headphones using your Apple Watch (requires watchOS 9.0 or later).

You can access and adjust Equaliser (EQ), Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and airflow settings, check remaining filter life, and view real time air quality (AQ) and in-ear sound level data. Quick and easy control, on the go!

Battery and filter life levels
In-ear sound levels
Air quality levels
ANC and EQ controls


If you’ve not yet download the MyDyson™ app or paired your Dyson Zone™ headphones, take a look at the Dyson Community articles below: 

We’d love to hear what other features you’d like to see!

2 replies

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great to see the team adding and improving this product! I've got an Ultra 2 but its in standalone (not tied to a phone) so i cant take advantage of this, but cool to see those who have their watches paired to the phone can glance a this data form their wrist.

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Would be good to expand this to other connected devices!