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Having trouble opening the Dyson v15 detect digital motorbar head to clean

  • 25 January 2024
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I’m having trouble opening the motorbar head to clean it. Although I use a coin to twist the side panel, it rotates to a point, but the panel does not pop out. What else can I do to open it? 


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3 replies

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Hi @veevee,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for letting us know about this.

This does sound unusual - as long as the end cap has been rotated far enough - using something like a coin works best - it should disengage and release, providing you with access to remove the brush bar:


It may be a little stiffer if the machine is new and the end cap hasn’t been removed before, in which case applying some more pressure to the brush bar itself as you slide it out should help.

If you continue to have difficulty, it’s best to speak with our experts for some further support when you have your machine easily to hand. They’ll be able to run you through further troubleshooting, and if a replacement part is needed they’ll be able to confirm if this is covered under your Dyson warranty.

Please visit Dyson.com and click the round purple button to launch the Dyson Digital Assistant. Then click the agent icon in the bottom left corner of the chat window to start a conversation with our Customer Care team.

We'll look forward to speaking with you!

Hi @Jack, thank you. 

I've opened it before and don't remember any difficulty getting it out. Perhaps this is because it's been a while since I opened it last. 

I managed to get the brush out finally! Yes, you were right, I had to apply pressure on the bar in the direction of the cap, with a bit of wiggle. And it started to slide out. 

Turns out this problem occurred for someone else too - https://www.reddit.com/r/dyson/comments/17o06t0/cant_get_brush_out_of_motorbar_on_dyson_v15/

Thanks for your reply, I was worried about breaking it because it's not a cheap piece of kit 🤣 and now I can clean it. 

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Hi @veevee,

No problem at all, and thanks for the update - glad to hear you’ve been able to access the brush bar! 

Hopefully it should disengage a little more smoothly in future now, but you’re welcome to come back to the Dyson Community for further support if needed at any point.