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Air conditioning

  • 15 March 2024
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Can you tell me more about the Dyson air conditioners from the photo on your official site?

I thought air conditioners had to have an outdoor unit. Can you explain to me how a Dyson air conditioner works without an external unit?


2 replies

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Hi @Marija,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thank you for your question.

Dyson does not manufacture or sell air conditioners. Our air treatment range includes fans, heaters, purifiers and humidifiers. 

Have you seen a particular machine from our range that you’re interested in?

Hi @Jack,

thank you for warm hosting.

I am looking for something quite strong that could replace classic radiators and air conditioning in once. That's why I was interested in this ad on the Croatian website where you offer air conditioning option.

The texts on the page are quite bad and incomprehensible, but they should be correct. That is why I am here.