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App disappears

  • 11 August 2022
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The app keeps disappearing from my iPhone. I have to delete it and re-download it and then re-enter all my details. The last time this happened it coincided with me adding something to Amazon music. The app still works perfectly on my iPad.


Best answer by Charliebrown 12 August 2022, 19:34

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3 replies

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Hi @Valerie One 

Not something I’ve personally experienced. I could hazard a guess.. 

Account level - There isn’t an app or registration service that I know of that grants rights to allow the removal of an App from an owners device. These are more along the lines of automatic updates. 

App compatibility - As the app is still installed on the iPad, I’d say it’s a compatible issue. The CM created and updated a post a while ago regarding device system and iOS setting. 

I’d suggest visiting the App Store and checking what it shows? 

As an Apple user, the last and maybe most logical thought I have is that, when your backing up and adding music, your phone is reverting to an outdated version / back up of the phone. This could be where the Dyson app isn’t install. If I’m correct, creating a new back up could fix it.

I’d be keen to know the outcome and if I’m indeed correct. 

Good luck 👍

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As someone that worked in application development at an ‘unnamed’ washing machine manufacture, I can speak to my first hand knowledge. It isn’t possible to issue an uninstall command. The two senarios I could fathom are;. 

  1. The developer has discontinued the application and thus the app has been removed from the store altogether. 
  2. You device has a back-up version that in its configuration is removing it.

In the event that your device is incompatible with the latest version, it will remain, but will not update to the latest version. 

The Dyson App is showing on my device, via the iOS and Android stores, and there isn’t any indication to any removals in the latest releases notes. I strongly agree with @Charliebrown on the latter. 


Thank you both!

I did a back up and everything seems to be OK.  I’m not sure if that was the solution as I think I do automatic back ups.  I say ‘’I think’’ because if they’re automatic I may not know about them!

I will do more ‘’conscious’’ back ups in future and fingers crossed that you both were right.  It does seem logical!

Thank you both so much for taking the time to help!  🙏