Can Dyson vacuum cleaner be used internationally with varying voltages? Specifically brought in Japan and use in India | Dyson Community

Can Dyson vacuum cleaner be used internationally with varying voltages? Specifically brought in Japan and use in India

  • 14 February 2024
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I plan to purchase a Dyson vacuum cleaner in Japan (which is on 110v) and use in India(220v). Can the concerned confirm if using an adaptor or charger would suffice or if this won't work entirely.


Should the battery pack be purchased locally in India? 




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Hi @jptoho,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for your question!

As long as you have a compatible charger cord with an appropriate plug for India, you will be able to charge your Dyson cordless vacuum in India without any issues. If you need to order a new charger cord, you should be able to find the right part on

Hope this helps!

Hi @Jack 


Thanks for the reply and noted.

1. Can you share the correct URL to the Dyson India accessories page. I couldn't find the charger cord you mentioned.

2. How easy is it to fix the new India compatible charger cord? Is it a DIY thing or should I take the Dyson vacuum cleaner to a service station?

3. Can Dyson vacuum cleaners be transported by aeroplanes considering lithium-ion batteries are not allowed to be checked in. What are the alternatives here?  

A. Can the battery be removed and varied separately?

B. Do i have to check with the airline on this?


Look forward to your confirmations on the above.


Thank You 

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Hi @jptoho,

For help locating the right charger cord assembly for your machine, I would suggest speaking directly with the Dyson India Customer Care team. You’ll be able to live chat with them on

The charger cord assembly includes both the wall socket plug, and the machine-end plug - there is nothing to fit or install, you can just use in in place of your current charger cord.

You would need to check with your airline for their guidelines and regulations around safely transporting  a lithium-ion battery pack.

Please can you let me know which model of Dyson cordless vacuum you own, so I can accurately answer your question about the battery connection design?

Thanks @Jack 

I did chat with the India customer care and they too confirmed that dual voltage is supported and a pin converter or charger cable would do.

Will check with the airline. Am a new customer and planning to buy one of these latest.

Last question - I see that the wall duck is not a standard accessory across models. Are these custom to specific models or a common one? 


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Hi @jptoho,

Thank you - if you’re not already a Dyson owner, our strong recommendation would be to purchase your machine within the country you’re going to be based in. We don’t offer an international guarantee - in some circumstances it could be very difficult to support your machine in the event of a breakdown, and spares and repairs could be chargeable. 

A machine purchased in India would also include the correct charger cord in the box.

In most cases, each wall dock design is unique to the model you choose - but the right one will be included in the box with the machine.

Hope this information is useful!