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Do you remove the film of the filter cartridge?

  • 26 November 2021
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Hello everyone, 

First time owner of Dyson purifier fan TP09, during installation of both carbon HEPA filter I noticed a thin flim layer on the surface after removingfrom packaging, the question is:

Do I need to remove it for optimal performance?

Any advice would be deeply appreciated 🙏❤

Thank you


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Great question. 

I don’t remember removing any extra packaging from the filter in the machine I brought for my mother. Just the one layer of plastic wrap. 

I’ll check the machine over the weekend and let you know if there is an extra layer. Is it over the whole filter or just on the plastic? 

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This is my first time seeing HEPA filter with this extra layer of veil covering the white fibres portion on the front curve surface.

So I am pretty curious it is there by design or I should remove it so the fibre get to trap the dust more efficient...

Thank you for your great help, Mrs Wood. Do check it out this weekend and keep me posted.🙏

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Hi @workerbeez, this certainty is an interesting one. 

I don’t recall having any additional wrapping on the filter in my machine. I however want to double check this isn’t something new Dyson have rolled out. I’ve therefore reached out to our Packaging and Graphics department for some clarity. 

While I wait for a response, could you please upload a picture showing the filter with the thin film layer? This would help to identify it. 



I just got a PH04 and noticed the same thing. It’s like a very delicate plastic mesh that seems to be glued onto the filter housing. 


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I have this on both of my machines. I’d guess this is normal.

It does look like you can peel it off...

Would be interested to hear what it is used for @Stuart 


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Hi all - 

I can see this article has generated some interest. Thanks to everyone that has commented. 

Happily, I have a response from our Graphic and Packaging team, and some information from our Filter Design team to share.

In terms of Graphic and Packaging, you only need to remove the filter from the clear bag which is comes packaged in. This clear bag helps prevent dust from settling on the filter whilst in transit.

The clear film covering you’ve all mentioned, does not need to be removed. It is there to protect the material on our HEPA filters from any damage.

I hope this helps answer the question.

Many thanks,


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Thank you Stuart, and many thanks and appreciate to everyone who contribution helping me to solve the puzzle in my mind. 🙏🙏🙏