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Dyson Big Ball vacuum wand storage query

  • 2 November 2023
  • 5 replies

We just bought a new vacuum big ball and I've already noticed that the holder for the long extension section is not strong enough to keep it position. When finished using the machine, as this is not able to keep it in position it means the long extension arm is falling off and lying on the ground. Surly there has to be a stronger anchor point for holding it ?

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5 replies

@Diarmaid Thompson1 I’d recommend contacting your local support here just in case a part may be faulty, this doesn’t sound typical from your post. Thanks.

Do you mean, where the unit was purchased from ?

@Diarmaid Thompson1 Either the retailer or Dyson support.

Are you not Dyson support ?


@Diarmaid Thompson1 This is a global Dyson forum, your local support will be able to set up a repair or send a part, if needed.