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Dyson Customer Support - worst experience in my lifetime

  • 28 February 2024
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I have been a huge Dyson fan since I purchased my first vacuum, years and years ago. I have had nearly every model plus their hair styling products. I have never had to contact customer support until this last Gen 5 outsize model and so did not know how terrible it really is. I contacted them in November 2023 & after several different attempts was told I would receive an email with the shipping label. I did not receive this and contacted them every 3 weeks, after December, every 2 weeks, and then in Feb. 2024 every week. I have offered to pay for the part from day one and even with this I am still waiting and we are almost in March. Because of my experience with them I am looking for a different brand and hoping I can find something as good. I love my products, I have never returned a single one but cannot support a company that has this level of incompetency in one of the most important aspects of the business.

I have given up trying to get this resolved through Dyson. I do feel like they may try to run down the warranty date, mine will be at 1 year at the end of June. I found that each time I dealt with support I had a different person and a different answer, so their communication is terrible even among their own people. I suspect they are subcontracting this to save money instead of having a department. I work in support as part of my job, we have a standard RMA form we send and the customers, we communicate and are clear. I can’t imagine treating any customer this way no matter how large the company.  

I am very disappointed in Dyson. It is clear from reading other peoples posts online this has been a major issue for a long time. Many years ago I had sprint as a carrier and had such a terrible experience with their support that I paid to get out of the contract and went to a new carrier. Up until this experience that was my worst, but Dyson now was this place. As a consumer I have to stop buying their products. If you are dealing with support, good luck, I am almost 5 months into it with no end in sight. I am going to watch ebay for the part instead and be done with them for good. I am posting here for others and to vent because heaven knows Dyson does not care!

2 replies

@moonbeam Same boat here -- I have had several Dyson vacuum’s over the years. Support has been solid when I have been able to deal with the local physical service center in person. However, any time I need to address remote support from corporate it has been a battle. Recently had to open a Better Business Bureau case in the hope that I would get my replacement vacuum delivered after 3 weeks without a vacuum.


@FrontRange I am sorry for your trouble, I completely understand the frustration. I actually was filling out a complaint with the BBB when I finally got my shipping label in my inbox but now I am afraid to send it after hearing your experience. This was over 1k and for me a huge expense. I bought it for my daughter who has a small home cleaning business and I thought it would be perfect for it, and it is perfect, just dealing with them is the issue.

I think I am sticking with plan B and waiting for the part to become available elsewhere. It is usable, it just hard to empty. My personal is a V12 Slim and honestly I love it, I have been trying to order a spare battery since I purchased it over 2 years ago and they still have no stock. I do wonder if the rumors are true of them purposely shorting the parts to force customers to replace the unit, if true it will backfire. They are forcing customers to buy 3rd party batteries. It may be a supply chain issue but how is it other companies are able to supply batteries? They issues some kind of statement or recall recently about 3rd party batteries. Please let me know how it turns out for you.