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Dyson hot + cool fan speed heater mode at night

  • 19 November 2023
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Hello everyone,

I’m new to the Dyson community.

I bought my first Dyson hot + cool HP09 and it’s a really nice device.

I’m mostly using it at night in my bedroom and I realized that even in level one (heater) the airflow is more powerful than in cooler mode, even in night mode. Night mode is not having any influence on level one to my understanding, only in auto mode.
1. is it normal and why airflow is more powerful in heater than cooler mode ?
2. if yes, what the best setting at night to reduce noise to a maximum ?

thanks for your help and have a nice day.





2 replies

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@Antoine31 Thanks for your post. I’m not aware of the unit flow being stronger on heat mode, though you may hear more noise overall and it certainly draws more power on that mode.

Dear @Adam.Steinberg , thanks for taking time answering me. 
Since my question was posted, I saw this related topic explaining the situation : 

as you can read in it, when I activate the heater, it goes strong trying to reach perfect room temperature, even in level 1 and to my understanding it seems to be the correct behavior.

I’ll take a video tomorrow to illustrate difference between normal airflow and heater at level one.