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Dyson V8 Animal brush bar not rotating. All troubleshooting completed. Still nothing

  • 15 January 2024
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Hey! This has probably been asked several times already but the Dyson V8 Animal brush bar will not rotate after all troubleshooting completed.

Is there any shop in Cork, Ireland that I can take it into for repair or assistance? There are only Dyson stores in Dublin. I bought it on online store.


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@Gwen Thanks for your post, It sounds like the cleanerhead part will need to be replaced. Please contact your local support so they can match you to the correct replacement part.

@Adam.Steinberg thanks for the advice..where would my nearest local support be as I live in Cork, Ireland 🇮🇪?😅 or even a number I could call or email? 

Thanks again, 


@Gwen You’re welcome.  You can find the contact links and phone number for Ireland on this page:


@Adam.Steinberg Thanks again for advice.


Gwen- Irish customer:)


From the link you gave me online here, I was able to contact the correct customer service office by phonecall. I wish to thank the Dyson customer service employee by the name of ‘Hector’. I’m not sure if he is based in Dublin or the U.K. but he was so helpful with my issue.

He dispatched a new brush head part under my warranty and it was sent to me within days of our phonecall. I am incredibly happy with the service he provided, so I would be appreciative if you could forward this to ‘Hector’ on the customer service team, wherever he is. Not sure if there are a lot of ‘Hectors’ working for Dyson😂 but he was fantastic and hope he gets recognition for his work.

Thanks again Adam for guiding me in right direction for support. Top class, professional and efficient customer care team.

Kind regards,

From a happy Irish customer🇨🇮


Cork, Ireland.

@Gwen Oh you are so welcome and that’s really nice to hear :)