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Formaldahyde Shutting off

  • 7 November 2021
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My purifier cool formaldehyde fan the last week has started turning off during the night while I am sleeping.  There are no timers on and all schedules are deleted. Was there an update?  or something I need to do to keep this machine from turning off? This is very annoying causing me to wake and turn it back on.  My hot + cool machine is working fine. 


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6 replies

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I have a stupid question, is the auto mode on? 
I only ask as my purifier turns itself off if I leave it in auto. 

Hi, the the auto mode is off.  I did notice though now when I turn on night mode it automatically is now turning on the timer.  Once I saw that on the machine screen I had to go into the app and turn off the timer.  Dyson needs to send an update for this it’s very annoying now. 

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Hi @CCF thanks for highlighting this.

Having the Timer switch on when you activate the Night mode shouldn’t be the case.

It is possible that the machine and/or the App has lost it’s connection to the Dyson Cloud. Please follow the advice on our 'Power Cycling/Restarting' your machine article. 

If you are still having an issue after following this advice, please @me or send me a Private Message. I can then begin to look into this further on my side.

Many thanks, 


Hello Stuart, 

Thank you for replying.  The machine is connect to the WiFi and cloud.  The night mode I noticed now has several settings now with each click of the remote night mode setting with each dot in the attached picture showing sets to different timer hours.  I guess it’s all working fine now.  


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Hi @CCF glad to hear everything is working now. 

I’ll check in with the Technical team on my side and gather some further informational about this feature. Once I have it, I will update the Using Night mode article. 

Thanks for highlighting this. 



That would be great.   Thanks