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Help - My Dyson order keeps being cancelled

  • 9 February 2023
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So i went to purchase my Dyson Airwrap on the website and Everything was fine and then they sent me an email saying the order was canceled, due to the product not being in stock. So i contacted support and they told me it was saying it wasn’t in stock but that they had a different style in stock. I had them reorder it for me and then i thought everything was good. A few minutes later i got another email saying the same thing. So now i’m confused as to why they’re saying it’s not in stock. I called customer service and they told me the order was actually still in pending status. Well they charged my card and everything and now i’m unsure if i’m even going to get the product and i’m seeing on here that it takes forever to get a response from dyson. What do i do???

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Hi @yules.a27 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

If you still need help, our local Contact Centre teams are best placed to support you with with queries relating to order status, payment or delivery. They have access to your order history and payment details - they can investigate on your behalf, and escalate internally if needed. These issues aren't usually something the Dyson Community team can help you with.

Please get in touch via our local WhatsApp channel. To do this, simply click on our Guides and manuals link, navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page and start a WhatsApp conversation. If you'd prefer, you're welcome to call the Dyson Helpline to speak with our experts directly (or, when on the Dyson website, you can also access live chat via the purple chat bubble on the bottom of the page). You can find their number in the ‘Contact us’ section of the page.

Best wishes,