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Hot + Cool Formaldehyde Turns Off Randomly

  • 11 November 2021
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Not sure what setting is causing this but my machine keeps turning off at random moments and during random modes. It'll be set to heating and then I'll realise the screen is off and it's no longer working after its been heating for 8 plus hours. There's no timer set on the app or anything unusual I can find on the machine. Is it just my wifi? Its stable enough for everything else to continue uninterrupted at the same time (streaming in particular). 

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Hi @Jjaccii

Does your machine turn completely off!?

When my purifier is in auto mode it does something similar, it pauses itself until it reads a spike in air quality. My app shows it in Auto though..

What does your app show? 





@WoodenMan Hello, it turns completely off. I use continuous monitoring on the app so but when you check it indicates the machine is totally switched off as the controls are greyed out. This is also occurring when I don't use auto. I've noted the difference between auto and reaching the goal temperature too as I can see the machine is still on when that happens. It appears to be totally random and doesn't matter what mode it's on. But typically happens at the end of the day after the machine has been working for 8-12 hours without interruption. Very odd! 


This is the mode it was in when it randomly turned off yesterday. I've just switched it back on. 


Hi @Jjaccii 

It definitely sounds like you’ve done everything right. 

I’d hazard a guess that the machine has a fault/issue. In my experience if it’s turning itself completely off and there isn’t a cause, like a setting or feature, you’d need to contact support for a resolution. 

Do you know where to find their details? 


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Hi @Jjaccii

@WoodenMan is right, it sounds like there is something else going on here. 

With the machine turning itself off after a prolong period of time, without a setting or automation (auto mode) being the cause, i’d say we need to get a Dyson Engineer to inspect it. 

Please get in touch with our AUS customer support team via their Facebook Messenger channel and explain to them that you have come through from the Community site. They will run you through the next steps. 

Feel free to @Me if you need any further help on this. 

Many thanks,