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How can I get help returning a machine?

  • 3 December 2023
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I am experiencing this kind of frustration with return for the first time. I made 2 attempts to fill the return form and waiting beyond 48 hours each time for the response. There is no customer service or any kind of help from the company. I have no clue as how to return this. By reading others experiences in the internet, I really doubt that I will be able to return this and get the refund. If I don’t get any response in next two days, I’m planning to go to customer grievances forum. If I’m missing anything here regarding the return policy, please advise.

thank you 

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Hi @Godwin,

Welcome to the Dyson Community. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty getting in touch to process a return request. We do aim to make this as quick and painless as possible, so I can only apologise if we’ve let you down on this occasion.

As long as you purchased direct from Dyson, and have notified us that you’d like to return your machine within the appropriate timeframe (it sounds like you’ve done so by completing the returns form), there shouldn’t be an issue in supporting you with this.

Please can you let me know which country you’re based in, so we can offer further advice?


I live in USA.

Hi Jack,


yet to get response from Dyson. I have third request created now. 

Thank you

I don’t think Dyson will respond to my request. 3 unsuccessful requests are already raised for return . I have to consider other options now. 

can someone in this forum advise on this?


thank you 

I have the same problem. Have been trying to return an order since November 23.  Requested a return twice and still dent get an answer.