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How can I get help with my Dyson DC08 vacuum?

  • 3 February 2024
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Best answer by Jack 8 February 2024, 16:14

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Hi I have a 17 yr old Dyson, can anyone tell me why, when I put it on brush mode it's fine on one of my lino floors , but then put it on my kitchen lino it sucks harder and differently? Any help appreciated . Hope iv done this right as just joined.

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Hi @Crowy1,

Welcome to the Dyson Community! Glad to hear your DC08 is going strong after 17 years, but sorry you’re having difficulty using it on the kitchen lino.

Just to check, has your machine always had an issue with the flooring in the kitchen, or is this something which has only started happening recently? Or is the kitchen flooring new? 

We’ll look forwards to hearing back!

Hi jack

The kitchen floor has been down nearly a year, it doesn't do it on my other lino, when I hoover it feels like it's trying to pull it up, the kitchen lino is thicker to the other one tho? Many thanks.

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Hi @Crowy1,

Thanks for coming back to us on this! Without seeing the machine in person, it’s hard to say why there seems to be a compatibility issue with this particular flooring. If the cleaner head isn’t damaged, and is set to the correct position with the bristles lowered, it should work as expected.

Due to the age of DC08, we’re no longer able to offer spare parts or servicing for this model. But you may still want to give our UK Helpline a call when you have your machine to hand, as they can talk you through some diagnostic checks to ensure the vacuum is working correctly, and that the cleaner head isn’t damaged in any way.

You can reach us on 0800 298 0298 - we’re available 8am-8pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am-6pm on weekends.

We’ll look forwards to speaking with you!

@Crowy1 I guess this issue is there due to difference in the tile material (maybe) -- though I’m not sure as to why the suction’s varying since its a smooth surface at the end of the day. Have you tried DYI alternatives?