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How can remove a vacuum from my 'MyDyson' account?

  • 17 November 2022
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We had a DC25 vacuum that we used for years. For various reasons, we replaced with a cordless V10 and I have given the DC25 away. Is there a way to remove it from the MyDyson profile?

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Ohhh I registered our cordless only yesterday. I had a email direct from Dyson promoting me to register. 

I can’t see an option to remove it. Unless it’s hidden away, I don’t think there is a way 😬!! 

I guess this is a question for the Community Manager and his team. @Stuart please help!

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Hi @maclfam

A great question!

@Emma.S found a subject I am not so clued up on. Kudos 😀. I’ve however been in contact with the wider team and have an answer. 

There isn’t a way to dissociate this machine with your online MyDyson profile. At the registration stage, when activating the warranty, it is linked to the account's history, for you and the product and therefore cannot be removed.

If you say downloaded the MyDyson App and the machine was showing against your In-App registrations, it could be removed from the interface view, but would still show through the online feature. 

In instances when the machine is resold, gifted or acquired by someone else, it can still be registered in MyDyson. This is added to the machines history. 




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Hi @maclfam

I wanted to understand at which point this data would become anonymised on its own, so I’ve gone a step further and spoken to one of our system architects.

While the product is associated with your online account, after a set time the data is anonymised on its own. There is a condition set against this however, there must be no visible transaction or contact from the registered owner within that time in regards to the machine. 

This time is counted in years and can range from 5 through to 7.