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How Do I Get Dyson to Fix Their Mistake and Make My Wife Happy?

  • 3 January 2024
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Dyson made a mistake and sent me the wrong product. I did what Dyson asked me to do so they could correct that mistake, but I’m still waiting for a response. Below is an email I sent Dyson on December 24th, but I have heard nothing back yet. 


Good Evening, 


It is unfortunate that you are just sending this response to me, and it does not reflect the fact that I have already returned the incorrect equipment and you received it on December 8, 2023, 13 days after the product was shipped. I attached the shipping notice that you sent me. What is even more unfortunate is that I ordered this product on November 12 hoping to get it by Christmas for my wife. I received and discovered that the wrong product was sent to me on November 26th, and I immediately submitted a return request. On December 6th, after not hearing anything from you, even via email, I called to find out the status. After being on hold for an hour-and-a-half, I was told that your factory put the wrong serial number on a Refurbished Dyson Air hair curler and that is why I received that product instead of the refurbished Dyson Corrale hair straightener. In addition, you didn't have a replacement in Prussian Blue, so I was told I had to take the pink version. I told the customer service rep that since you made the mistake, and it is on you to resolve it, that you should send me a new Prussian Blue Corrale (because I know you have new ones in stock), instead of sending the refurbished pink one. The customer service rep asked his manager and then I was told that Dyson wouldn't do that. At my job, if I make a mistake that harms a customer, I and everyone at my company do what is needed to make things right, even if it costs a little more. I can only guess that Dyson's products are in such demand that you don't need to make those concessions.  


Anyway, I was then told that I needed to ship the incorrect product back to Dyson first, and once you received it, processed it, and got around to shipping the new product back to me, I could expect to receive the correct version 4 weeks later. When I asked for you to send me the correct version, now, so I could receive it by Christmas for my wife, Dyson said no. When I asked to make sure that once the warehouse received the wrong product Dyson would you put a rush on the processing, I was told by the customer associate that he had no way to contact the factory (Based on this email I just received below, my shipment wasn't even tracked before someone, or some AI program, sent me this email). Finally, not satisfied with any of those responses I asked to speak with the customer service reps manager. He said I could do that, but it would be another 45 minutes. Had I not been at work and already spent 1 hour and 45 minutes on the phone by that point in the conversation, I would have waited, but I didn't have the time. 


Now you send me this email, which says that I should receive the correct device 10-14 days after you receive my product. Well that was almost two weeks ago, and I haven’t heard anything. 




Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 5.59.00 PM.png


On Thu, Dec 21, 2023 at 6:43 PM US Questions wrote:

Hello James,

Thank you for contacting Dyson and providing the details.

We are sorry to hear that you want to return the purchase as incorrect product received. I can understand how frustrating this must be for you. Rest assured, we would value the opportunity to assist you today.

Upon checking the account, we see that the exchange order has been created on 12/4/2023. Here is the exchange order number for your reference: xxxxxxxx

We request you to please ship the defective machine to our warehouse. Once the defective machine reaches our warehouse, the replacement machine will be released and you will receive it within 10-14 business days.

Here is the manitainence link for your reference:

Here is the link for cleaning filters:

Just to recap, you contacted us saying that you want to return the purchase as you received the incorrect product.

You may also be interested to know that as a Dyson owner you are eligible for a 20% discount on select full price models.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach back out. We thank you for choosing Dyson and hope you have an amazing day ahead!"



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I hope you have better luck than I have. I have been going back and forth via phone and email for 4 months and I keep being told I will receive a text and instructions to ship but nothing has been resolved. I just sent another email but truthfully I have lost all hope. They used to have really great support, I do not know what happened but you can see just by the sheer number of posts online it had turned into a disaster.