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How old is my 'new' Dyson battery?

  • 21 February 2024
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My 2nd hand Dyson V6 Fluffy+ needed a new battery as it wouldn't run for more than a couple of minutes. So in July 2023, I bought a new battery direct from Dyson. At the same time, I thought I’d give it a good clean. I put the new battery in and it was fine. For some reason, I decided to put the old battery back in and found it was working well with the old battery too...possibly because of the in-depth clean. Forward to today, I can’t remember if I swapped the new battery back in. I’ve looked at the numbers on the batteries….do these numbers indicate the date of manufacture?

One has 223058-02   and   205069 02/11

The other has only one number:    62350-71/02

So, what do these numbers mean?

The 02/11 looks like it might be a manufacturing date. Is there a date hidden in the other battery’s number - could the date be 1/02, a manufacturing date in 2002?

If the 02/11 is the later of the two, how could Dyson, in 2023, sell me a battery made in 2011?

Thanks for your help


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Really - nobody can answer this?


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Hi @SidewaysSyd,

Welcome to the Dyson Community! 

I’m sorry no one has responded so far, but we don’t have information on battery manufacturing dates available to share.

I’m sorry it’s not possible to offer a definitive answer to your question, but I’m glad both batteries now seem to be working well!

Well that’s a surprise!! But thanks anyway.