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Is User Manual included?

  • 10 February 2024
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If a user manual is included with the HP10 purifier mine must be missing. The item was not a return or resealed. I always check that first.

Also, when set to heating the unit turns off once the temperature is reached. I’d like it to stay on all the time because the turning on/off is disruptive. Is there a setting for that?



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2 replies

@cupboy Thanks for your post. As part of Dyson’s sustainability initiatives, paper manuals are no longer included. The manuals in PDF, and video guides are available on the Dyson support page. Simply go to your regional Dyson support page. Then enter your Dyson’s serial number, and you’ll be able to access the page specific to your machine.

I returned the HP10 today and got a HP07. It came with a manual.