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Issus with getting my Dyson collected for a refund - Suggests on next steps?

  • 10 July 2023
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I bought an airwrap on 26th May, requested return on 28th May.  It is now 10th July and I have received boxes to pack it in that have never been collected.  I have been promised Freepost labels that have never been sent.  I am at a loss and can only assume that Dyson is facing  bankruptcy and holding onto my funds.  I’ve emailed the directors and received no response.  The boxes I’ve received to return the Airwrap are large enough for me to sit in holding the small Airwrap.  This is a nightmare - what do you advise?

6 replies

Standard boxes. Return labels don’t exist for machine returns, only their spare parts. Mostly likely why you don’t have one. The courier collects the box with the item either on your door step or the next day. Once it’s handed off, it’s their problem not yours. 

Use the box, it’s what’s provided. That, or package it yourself and return. Cross charging Dyson for the effort.  

The easier way would be to get a reply from one of the mods. @chad.mosiki, @Teanna.Cannon I’ve seen you’ve been pretty active. Any help here?

 Hi @RebeccaE 

Thank you for raising this with us.

It’s always frustrating to hear when one of our valued owners has been waiting for a return or refund to get processed, so thank you for letting us know about this.

Normally, the courier team does provide you with a 1-hour collection time slot once the return for refund has been booked. Since you have enquired within the return period, the team will honor your request by either booking the return or providing a free postage label.

If you’re already in contact with our customer service experts, I’d encourage you to continue your conversation with them. They’re best placed to help you further and are empowered to resolve most issues without the need for further escalation. These issues aren't usually something the Dyson Community team can directly help you with.

Best wishes,


If only that were my experience - each time I receive a box the day before delivery is scheduled, then I get a message on the day to say ‘Your parcel from DYSON LTD - XXXXX is on its way and due to be delivered on Tuesday 18 July 2023.’ Then I wait all day and no one comes. Four times so far since 28/5! You have my money!

Three promises of Freepost labels never received and satisfaction survey link in WhatsApp also incorrect so I can’t complain! 
my house is full of giant boxes for one small Airwrap.



I don’t know who thinks this case is ‘solved’ because it is an escalating issue for me

Hi there @rebeccaE I am very sorry to hear that you have faced these issues with a return. We would be glad to assist you further in this matter. We do suggest reaching out directly to our customer support team by phone from our website, however if you prefer you can also send us a direct message here so we can look into this matter for you. 

I guess they have to book two couriers, delivery and collection? It sound to me that they’re forgetting the follow up! I wonder how many boxes you’ll get to before they collect it!