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New Gen 5 Outer Red trim is it functional?

  • 20 December 2023
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I bought a new absolute GEN five. I love it. Unfortunately that little red rubber trim  on the outside started to peel off. I didn't notice it. As shown some of it has already come away. I checked Reddit and someone said it is a functional piece and something about airflow into the cyclones. They say that you have to have it or it'll affect functionality? I can't get through Dyson support. It  is a 40 minute wait and then I did find somewhere else where they said it's just cosmetic.

Can someone please help me? I would really not mind if it's just cosmetic it'll save me a trip but if it's going to  affect functionality, I'll take it to the local Dyson support and see if they need to replace or repair it. Please advise? 

Matt P 

Austin Texas 



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Hi there @txheartdoc this is a functional part of your machine. It is a seal for the main body. I would like to look into this for you. I do see you are based in the US, can you send me a direct message here with your serial number, shipping address, and also the email address for best contact. 

There is a Dyson service center near me . Should I just take it to them 

@txheartdoc you most certainly can. They will be more than happy to help. 

is it repairable? I'll alternator today where they have to replace the unit

It is repairable with a new main body. Simple part replacement. 

hi I'm at the Dyson store service center in Austin. It's supposed to be open it's locked it has been locked since 11 o'clock and they're supposed to be open till one. It says it'll return at nine which is the next day

are you able to send me a new one and then I could ship the old one back to you so I'll have one or do I have to ship this to you first.