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PH03A vs PH04

  • 5 November 2022
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I know the PH03 does not purify Formaldehyde as the PH04 does but does the PH03A purify Formaldehyde?  I’m asking this because I was told at a Dyson repair shop that the PH03A is just a PH04 without the WiFi board.  Is that true?  If so then the Formaldehyde processing should be there.  Can anyone confirm this?




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Hi @RoccoP,

Every EC product that has "A” on the end is classified as an “Autoreact” series. It would have sensors like the other series, but it would not connect to the MyDyson app(aka Dyson Link app) as it does not have an IoT module.

However, PH3A would not have the SCO filter which filters formaldehyde. The formaldehyde feature depends on the number, not an alphabet letter.

In conclusion, you can summarize the recent product range like this.

TP07(With wifi,but no formaldehyde)
TP7A(No wifi and formaldehyde)

TP09(With wifi and formaldehyde)

PH03(With wifi, but no formaldehyde)

PH3A(No wifi and formaldehyde)

PH04(With wifi and formaldehyde)

These would be the recent machines that are being sold from Dyson.

Hope this helps!







This is very clear so thank you.  What is a shame is I was at a Dyson store and the employee behind the counter insisted that the PH03A that they were selling was a PH04 just without the WiFi chip, thus they had all the features of the PH04.  Obviously from your email, that is not the case.



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Hi @RoccoP,

Sorry to hear your recent experience at your local store, but it’s great to hear this has helped you! 

Have a great day :)