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Poor Customer Experience

  • 1 April 2023
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I have done a lot of business with Dyson over the years having purchased hair dryers, styling tools, air humidifier/purifier’s, and many, many vacuums. I have never returned a product, ever. 

I had purchased two vacuums to give as Christmas gifts along with two docking systems.

The products were delayed, delayed, and delayed, even though I ordered them in November. Needless to say they did not arrive in time for the Christmas holiday. 

My delivery arrived sometime in January and Dyson sent the wrong docking systems. 

Unfortunately, my mother had to have emergency surgery in January..with that said I was not able to open the docking systems until most recently and it was then that I recognized that Dyson shipped me the incorrect products. 

I contacted Dyson to see if I could return the two docking systems as they were still in the box, and as I was not looking for my money back, but instead a credit to use back at Dyson..I could not believe how I was treated.

It took five phone calls to Dyson, repeating the whole issue five different times, and being passed along from one representative to the next, each representative asking me to hold just “another few minutes” so they could collaborate with the “team” and that they were working hard for a positive resolution for me. One call lasted over and hour..

Quite honestly looking back I think they just put me on hold acting as though they were hard at work to resolve the issue as even after speaking with a supervisor the answer was a flat out “no” sorry, but that is not our policy it has been over 30 days.

When I told the representative that is was Dyson that made the error in sending the wrong products, and sent the order late they did not want to hear any of it. 

I could not believe a company like Dyson who charges lets be honest triple the amount what the product is worth has such poor customer service and return policies. With that said..I will no longer do business with Dyson. 




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3 replies

In short. Poor experience. Poor service.
Policy is policy. No matter the price point. As someone that worked in a call centre many years ago, everything needs to be approved. Basic handlers don’t have the authority to do anything. Product support and order handling is about the sum of it! 

Not defending Dyson by any means, but customs care isn’t easy when you’re not empowered to help. I’d suggest your expectation is higher than what’s available as a standard. Management is where the buck really stops. 

Sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she’s recovered/recovering well. 

Hello @pbette1965 

Thank you for coming here and sharing this. We’re really disheartened to know that you had such a bad experience while reaching out to us for support. As another poster mentioned, often times when getting in touch with our team for support, if you’re speaking with a front line customer care agent, they can be limited on what options they have available to make things right. We work really hard to make sure that our customers love our products, but also love the service we provide. and it’s disappointing to know when we’ve let a valued owner down. We always challenge ourselves to offer the highest levels of service, so I can only apologize for the experience you’ve had so far. I’ll make sure your feedback is shared with the relevant departments for you.

If you’re already in contact with our customer service experts, I’d encourage you to continue your conversation with them. They’re best placed to help you further, and are empowered to resolve most issues without the need for further escalation. These issues aren't usually something the Dyson Community team can directly help you with.

Best wishes,


Hi Kelly & Spencer, 

Thank you both for responding to my post. 

As I had mentioned in my post yesterday I had reached out to Dyson five different times to resolve this issue, which to me I believed was a non issue considering I had never requested a return prior, only the outer boxes were opened, and I was not looking for a refund, but a credit to purchase more product from Dyson. All in all, I believe it was a total of $200.00 for the incorrect docks that were sent in error by Dyson, and sent very late. 

My comments regarding customer service were made more about the company’s policy opposed to the customer service representatives as I do understand their hands are tied, and are limited in making those type of management decisions. 

When I spoke with a supervisor thinking that they had that decision making power I was told the very same thing, so the way I see it is that the representatives along with the supervisor’s are all told to decline requests for returns, or credits after 30 days, and are instructed to give a scripted answer regardless of the circumstances. 

Spence in terms of price point..as a consumer I believe it is a company’s responsibility in being accountable, and meeting the customer in the middle especially if the company made the error, and if there are special circumstances..the emergency surgery of my 84 year old mother who resides with me..opening the boxes was not a priority in those moments.

For me that demonstrates the integrity of the company, and not the all mighty dollar. Regardless of the cost of the product or service, that is doing good business, and in terms of what you had mentioned about expectations..yes, I do have expectations..expectations that a company such as Dyson conducts themselves in a manner of fairness and accountability to the customers they serve. 

We all get to make a choice, and my choice is not to do business with Dyson. Thanks so much for the responses to my post!