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promo codes not working

  • 2 March 2024
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 I called Dyson and tried live chat x3 and I am still left dissatisfied and so just thought I would send an email to let you know Dyson  tech fares in real life. 

I was interested in purchasing the accessories for long Airwrap at €165. Input into basket and didn’t purchase I was going to investigate discount with Revolut which I had read about. Anyway the next day I received several emails with content saying something still in my basket and get €15 off of purchase today. I was tempted and put the promo code in but no discount came off. I spent time trying it several times logged on to chat who wanted me to send a screen shot of the offer but to do this I needed a ‘paper clip’ to appear on the chat. I tried this for ages and ages nothing happened so I gave up - this is what I mean when saying tech issues. 
Next day same thing o received another plethora of emails with discount code tried again nothing got onto chat same as before I tried with different device - nothing. I tried using different browser - nothing. Today I called the Dyson number got through and call centre staff seemed interested in my problem but then he couldn’t find the accessory pack  I wanted to buy!  and I had spent too long on the call and needed to get on as was in car and needed to drive!
Appalling string of failures from a company who prides itself on technology!

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