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Refund Feedback. 21-day wait.

  • 10 October 2023
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I had the most unpleasant experience with customer service from Dyson. 
I bought hair curler Airwrap but it doesnt suit my hair so I wanted to return it next day after receiving it. 
I arranged day off from work to be able to be home for collection. 
That didnt happen and my many calls to customer service resulted only that i have been lied to and told that courier is on the way. Later I have been told that he couldnt find my easy to find building. 

I asked for return label as i am not able to waste any more days of work. 
That was given to me after long unpleasant conversation as customer service insisted i take another day off for collection. 

I had two packages: hair curler and a gift bag. Both packed in separate boxes as received separately. And I received only one label for two items. 
When i went to post office they told me i can not post two separate packages on same label as o ly one would be tracked. 
So I posted hair curler and asked for second label. Curler has been received by Dyson on 19sep. And I didnt receive secon label to post second package. 

Till today I have not received my refund for curlers and I still dont have label for the gift cover that I have. 

Please help and assist with this metter to be resolved. 
I bought Dyson vacuums over the years and always been happy with them and I am loyal customer.

5 replies

I tried to call Dyson - no answer. i have been on the phone twice today for 30min each. No answer. And there is no reply on Whats up too. Is it a scam company? I dont want to loose £500!!!!


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I very much doubt that Dyson, who have a registered headquarters and retail outlets throughout the global are a scam company. 

Their customer service is very lack full of late, but in my experience they’ve always been able to answer the phone. Are you calling the correct phone number? Check their website for the latest. 

They mentioned previously that items should only be returned by courier. Unless it’s an extra. Those are sent via standard mail. I suggest you speak to Dyson and have them escalate this to management. 

What you say would be great if it was true. I have a different experience. Yesterday after a long long wait I have been speaking to the customer service and she was somewhere in the world but obviously not in the UK. she told me she would speak to the manager, put me on hold for half an hour, and then she said that my refund will be processed on Thursday. I asked how do you know it's gonna be on Thursday, do you have any confirmation. She replied: no I don't. so i asked: how do you know? And she says she worked it out- because my refund should be processed by the 5th of October and from 5th of October to Thursday will be another two weeks so she just worked it out it will be thursday!. She got the answer out of thin air. 

She says she cannot send me confirmation by email, she has no access to anything and there is nowhere to escalate it to. Dyson doesn't have any claims department I cannot speak to any manager any supervisor there is no way for me to find out why my refund has been so delayed.

So although it's Dyson, it has all the workings of a scam company. there is no punishment for them being delayed with the refund for two weeks. there is no communication from them, apart from email that my return has been received.  there is no an email confirming that my refund will be done anytime soon. 

I feel sorry for the girls working in a call center because they must hear a lot of angry customers. they basically don't even want to talk to you, they put you on hold for half an hour - apparently talking to their manager- which they don't, and that should deter you from calling ever again. I spent 1h 29min on the phone achieving nothing.

Just an update on my refund. It has been processed on 10th of October. 21 days after receiving it at Dyson. And without letting me know at all about it. They made a more complicated they sent me an email on the 9th of October that they received my return, which was not true as they received it on 19 sep. So they received it TWICE!!!!!! I posted it 13 september. 

 anything in this company it's total disgrace I absolutely hate hate hate Dyson customer service. 

Nobody ever replied to my two emails to Dyson customer service. 

The time I lost chasing it, the anger, lost nerves. They dont care!!!!!!!!!!

They can do whatever they want as no rules apply to them, no pennalty. 

There should be penalty for braking the agreement of refunding within 14 days. They just know people would not be able to do anything about it. If it was other way around and I was late with return... completley different game. Right? 

I have the same thing going on right now.  Dyson lost my delivery and they have taken a vow of silence about it.  Chats, phone calls have been a total waste of my time.  I have been promised answers so many times I have lost count.  The customer service is most definitely a scam.  They are all over the world so they can get away with this behavior.