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  • 26 October 2023
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Hi, i am having problems getting my refund back, its been 17days now and dyson told me 14 days which is breaking there policy . Now there telling me i have to wait another 14 days for my refund . They promise call backs and emails but yet i have none, and there customer service is shocking.  Need help getting money back 


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13 replies

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Hi @Nigel47

Thanks for letting us know about this.

Dyson do challenge themselves to offer the highest levels of service, so I can only apologies for the experience you’ve had so far.

As the community team have limited to no access into customer account information, we wouldn’t be able to investigate this on your behalf.

I’d encourage you to continue your conversation with the customer service team. For whatever reason you’re unable to contact the team through the telephone, please use the Live Chat service.

To do this, please navigate to your local Dyson Support page and click the purples button to speak to our Digital Assistant and enter a Live Chat



’m fed up with Dyson, this is bad 4th PH04 machine I’ve had.  The first two machines were noisy and kept me up at night, after 2 repairs and a replacement it lasted 8 weeks and same problem happened again. The last 2 machines one was damaged during shipping and the new PH04 machine I have now has only been used for 4 months and the sensors don’t work, the humidifier definitely doesn’t work, the water tank never depletes and the customer service phone line is super hard to communicate with and in several cases very disrespectful almost blaming me for the poor quality of the machine. I’m done with Dyson. I’m expecting a full refund. Don’t waste your hard earned $900 on this product. At this point I just want a full refund for all the hassles, headaches & worry over spending so much money, I’m extremely unhappy and disappointed.  

Did you get your money back? Currently in the same position! 

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My refund issue has been going on since Oct 20. Just received a response today to my latest query sent to them on Dec 12. I’ve received the exact response more than once from them.

“In regard to your query. we would request you to please check with your financial institution for your refund. As it is already processed.”

As I have stated previously, my “financial institution” is Paypal who have initiated an investigation as to what is going on with Dyson. If I were suspicious by nature, I’d think that something very fishy is going on.

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If you can, do not hesitate to initiate a credit card charge dispute. They owe me money for an order they set up to the wrong delivery address which shipped despite their promises that the order had been cancelled. They simply have refused to refund me or their support staff have no authority to make a decision and do what is right. One agent agreed a charge dispute was probably my best course of action. Unbelievable! How do we get Dyson’s shady business ethics out in the open and going viral? It’s the only way to get their attention. 

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I agree, it does make you wonder just what is happening. Have a look at this link and read some of the customer complaints.

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If you look through the BBB complaints, it appears that they have made some refunds because of complaints (they make it sound like it “just happened” but the timing the complaint was submitted and when the refund occured are just too close to be coincidental).  Apparently filing a complaint might be the only way to get our $ back.

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I filed a complaint with BBB on Jan 27 and still waiting for a response from BBB to give me my claim number, which I should receive soon. If this scenario wasn’t so ridiculous it would actually be funny in this day and age. 

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Good luck!  I filed my complaint just today.  🤞

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Ha!  I received a confirmation of my complaint with the BBB with my claim number yesterday, and woke up to a refund to my credit card from Dyson this morning.  Spread the word: contacting their customer service and waiting is •not• the way to solve your problem. You have to go higher.

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Good to hear! Guess I’ll have to re-submit my complaint.

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Just got an email that Paypal received my refund, 3 ½ months later.

100% agree with posters above. Dyson will not refund you or even respond to you within a reasonable time frame. I returned my new item 7 weeks ago and just received a “credit” back to my credit card today. I got this ONLY after filing a BBB complaint, blasting Dyson on twitter, here, email, phone calls, etc AND filing a chargeback dispute with my bank issued credit card. My advice: don’t waste your time waiting around for Dyson to issue a refund. Try to engage them for assistance with your refund and when that does not work (and it won’t), file with BBB and your credit card company. Good luck. Dyson’s truly awful customer service is now trying to get me to withdraw my credit card dispute before they talk with me about my refund. Don’t withdraw your dispute if this happens to you. When you file a dispute, dyson has to answer to your bank.