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Refund run around - HELP!

  • 19 April 2023
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I’m (maybe not now) a Dyson fan (no pun intended), I have 5 units in my house. 
Here’s my issue with Dyson:

I ordered 2x V-12 units end of January, one for gift and one upgrade for me. Do to personal issues had to return both and process the returns after the first unit was delivered. I never opened either units, I received two emails from Dyson that my return request is being looked into from separate emails. Then received two emails with return instructions with a Return Numbers. I returned each of them individually, with days later received two emails letting me know each was received. Little over 2-weeks received two emails for each that my return has been processed and moneys should be sent back to my financial institution in about 3 days. So far So good. My financial institution (both units financed from same place) was credited for 1 of my purchases. Waited another week and no credit on the second unit, I contacted Dyson and they said the credit was processed and funds returned to a Visa card with a name I didn’t recognize nor the financial institution in which they were purchased from, I also contacted my financial institution to verify that credit was not received. In between my calling i sent Dyson emails from my financial institution of both funding contracts with dates and amounts to Dyson. I received and email from Michelle at Dyson’s Help Desk resolutions Department stating the same about the amount that was refunded to my financial institution on this date and this amount which was incorrect. I called Dyson  numerous times and most recent time end of March finally talked to a supposedly a Supervisor and as I explained for 100th time “Dyson said they refunded the return and I’m telling them it wasn’t refunded to me or my financial institution. He finally told me after looking into it closer they made the mistake and will credit my institution in 8-10 days, GREAT !!!!. 
Called yesterday, day 10 and spoke with someone and went back and forth on their usual “it’s taking longer pls stay with me” every 3 minutes. Gentlemen returns and says he spoke with financial department and the Supervisor didn’t follow up getting this done and assured me this will be the last time I will need to call Dyson about this.
I feel like  I’m getting the run around again and I’m still paying on this unit now for 3 months. I’m at my WITS END with this issue. Not sure if Dyson monitors this forum  and or if someone has a back door to talk with someone that truly cares about Customer Support and can do something otherwise it’s Lawyer time. 

thanks for letting me vent,



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Hello, I am having a similar issue. I contacted Dyson for a replacement. I shipped back my Dyson air wrap. With the return tracking. Now, I contacted back they still have yet to get my air wrap back to warehouse. Iv been waiting 4 weeks almost. I shipped it back. Now they have not gotten it. So basically my return package has gotten lost via mail. I have been waiting and waiting with them same thing. I really hope this gets resolved. I paid $599 for it. Basically $600 is missing. Iv been seeing a lot of people complaining about this same exact issue. The hassle free warranty is not what they advertise it to be. I’m so frustrated.

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My refund was finally processed the day after the Better Business Bureau accepted my complaint, so I suggest you file a complaint as well:

I returned and also have proof of them receiving the refund, and now got an email stating they are experiencing “unexpected delays in processing my refund”. I have reached out and nothing. Once I opened the box and saw I had received the wrong tool I called ASAP. And that's when I noticed I was going to lose my money and the tool, because I would have to ship it back and I knew it would be a problem. They have deleted every single attempt I have made online from reviews to posting here on the community boards. All because I have screen shots of their employees and what they “told” me. I just want my refund !!!

Hello @Captdan101 

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience here. We would normally urge you to contact our regular support channel, via WhatsApp, phone or email, however it sounds like we have missed the mark here and your issue remains unresolved.

We would like to investigate this further for you, to provide you with a speedy resolution. If you are within the US, can you please send me a DM here with your name, email and address? It would be my pleasure to look into this for you. If you are outside of the US, let us know which region you’re in, and one of our moderators within that market can pick this up.

Best wishes,