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Registering more than one machine in the app - How does it work?

  • 28 December 2021
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I have recently upgraded my older Dyson purifier hot & cool to the latest formaldehyde version. I now have 2 machines and would like to run both of the app but I can't seem to find a setting and the play store won't let me download 2 versions of the app.

Can anyone offer a solution as I see this as an issue for the future when people upgrade they will keep the older machine or have more than one machine, upstairs and downstairs...

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You can add multiple machines to the same app. I’ve got two purifiers and robot connected. 

On the apps home screen click on the three lines on the top left hand corner and select ‘add machine’. 

This is also how to view my different machines.. 



Thanks Barry

Appreciate your help works like a gem👍


Glad I could help 👍

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Hey @Coops@BarryM

Great to see that we have an answer to this question so quickly. 

I realised we hadn’t created an article to support on this. I’ve therefore added one to our Knowledge base. This is designed to help users who are connecting their product for the first time and those who wish to add multiple machines. 

You can view it here - ‘Logged in - Adding a machine for the first time