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Repair collection disaster in UK

  • 13 March 2024
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I have had 5 missed collections to repair my fan! Customer service have said they will repair the fan for free (after missing 3rd collection), but after missing the 5th collection and the supervisor telling me it’s been rebooked for 18 days later, it does not seem like they actually care. I was also hung up on by the supervisor and no callback.

I have medical reasons for needing the fan and calling them up time after time is just adding to my stress levels.

I can’t believe I bought so many of their products and even got friends and family to do the same. I explain my genuine medical need they treat me abhorrently - 5 missed collections and their solution is to keep rebooking. They say they will offer me a discount on a new machine, for the inconvenience but I cannot afford a new one hence the repair! I did say they could send me a replacement because then it’s more likely to get delivered but they said they couldn’t as it was out of warranty!

Is the repair option just a guise to show they are sustainable? Someone is definitely fiddling the customer service metrics because it does not seem like I am the only one this has happened to and for them in not to deal with this systemic failure seems like a cover-up.

What is going on???? This is not the Dyson service I expected and it’s negatively impacting my health 🥺

Can anyone please help to resolve this?

3 replies

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What is wrong with the fan out of interest? 

It doesn’t turn on at all.

Was working one day and wouldn’t turn on the next. I’ve been through the trouble shooting with tech team. Cleaned filters, tried different sockets in the house but nothing worked hence why I asked for a repair. I know it’s out of wart but why offer repairs if you have no intention of picking it up to fix it ?